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Mon Jul 20th 2020
Cycle Treasure Hunt 10-20 July
Steve Swanton
Start Time:
9:00 pm
Start Location:
Your choice
While we are unable to cycle together as a club, a cycle treasure hunt can provide us with a common goal for individual or household cycling. To participate, all you need to do is find the answers to any three of the clues while riding over the coming two weeks (between now and 9pm, on Monday 20 July). Do share your experiences of riding to collect the answers with the club on Facebook or by email to Steve.

Once again there are 12 clues with answers to find, this time with many of the checkpoints to the south of Wantage. So there is a bit more of a challenge to reach the furthest points (at least for those starting north of the Downs) . Each clue is provided on the interactive googlemap accessed through the link below. Just click on a checkpoint to reveal the clue. No route between the clues is provided. It is for each rider to plan their own route(s) to collect the clues, depending on their starting point.

All clues are located in quiet, readily-accessible public places. Most clues are intended to draw attention to points and places of interest that we sometimes cycle through or past without really noticing. Do take the time to take in and enjoy your surroundings.

Click on the interactive map here

1. The clues are in no particular order. You could collect them in a single ride or on several rides over the two weeks if you want to.
2. Please do share your experience on the club Facebook page.
3. But please dont give away the answers!
4. If you do have trouble finding the answers, please let Steve know (one of the answers is temporary in nature, but was there on 12 July).
5. Please email your answers to Steve by 9pm on Monday evening, 20 July,.
6. The answers and results will be given out at the Virtual Pub Night on 21 July and subsequently through the website.
7. There are no prizes for being the first to complete the challenge but it may merit a mention, as might the most interesting, longest or shortest routes.
8. Above all, have fun, enjoy cycling and stay safe.
A more challenge group of checkpoints and with some previous participants away, a slightly lower take-up this time round. But sounds like those who did, have enjoyed discovering new places and hidden corners (I really enjoyed discovering them too - seeking clues has been a lovely objective during some of my lockdown rides).

Congratulations to Roger who completed the full hunt and gave the correct answers in the allotted time (12/12) :D. Pete and Ros (11.5) also reached all 12 checkpoints but took the wording of the Kingston Lisle clue too literally and missed the obvious answer! :-) Nick (11/12) was in contention but realised too late that he'd missed a clue... (doh) Gareth (8/12) and Val (6) also used the hunt as ride objectives 8). Thanks to all for taking up the challenge and particularly for Nick and Roger who shared their experiences on Facebook (talk) and inspired others to visit some of the checkpoint locations.

The next Treasure Hunt will be aimed at families during the school holidays - further details soon.

The checkpoint map remains open via the link above for anyone to use as a spur for riding and exploration. Enjoy!

4/8: Interestingly, there have been 120 views of the map since the hunt finished - do get in touch if you've been using it as an incentive for getting out on rides.
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