Local Route Sheets - Wantage and Grove

This page provides a set of short local cycle routes designed for new or occasional cyclists and families, as an introduction to getting around Wantage and Grove and out into the local countryside by bike. Route sheets are provided as individual downloadable A4-sized pdf files suitable for printing.

Please have fun using the routes, but also take it easy and stay safe. For general guidance and background, please read this document first: Route sheets guidance

If you are new (or returning) to cycling, we have put together a more detailed set of tips here: Cycling tips

Route 1 - the island villages from Grove, 10 miles

Route 2 - Betterton and Lains Barn loop from Charlton, 9 miles

Route 3 - Wantage and Grove loop, 5.5 miles

Route 4 - Crab Hill, Wantage and Grove, 3 miles

Route 5 - Letcombes and Childrey loop from Wantage, 6.8 miles

Route 6 - Stanford loop from Grove, 13 miles

Route 7 - off-road to Hanney and Denchworth from Grove, 7 miles

Route 8 - White Horse Hill, 20 miles

The above routes are accessible and accurate at the time of posting, but If you see any errors or things that could do with improving, please contact us at: chairman@cyclingukwantage.org.uk

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Last modified on November 26th, 2021