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Tue Jul 26th 2016
10 Mile Club 1* 1*
Steve Swanton
Start Time:
6:30 pm
Start Location:

An anticlockwise loop to the Hanneys and Denchworth this evening. We'll head out via Charlton to Lockinge and Ardington , drop down into the vale past Lains Barn, then turn north for a 1 mile stretch along the A338 (crossing the new railway bridge) to East Hanney. We'll continue through West Hanney to Denchworth where there will be an optional stop at The Fox PH for a sociable drink with riders from all of the other groups. Round trip of about 12 miles. Lights are recommended for your ride home if stopping for a drink at the pub.
Carin Tranter
Jules McGregor
Lorna Swanton
Naomi Merritt
Nicky Clark
Sheena Arnold
Steve Swanton
Tim Parr
Riders = 8

black low cloud
At last, a dry evening for a pub night (although it did drizzle briefly after we'd arrived at the Fox).

This was a gentle tour taking in some of the prettiest villages around Wantage. We stopped in Lockinge to look at the old Fire Engine and took our time circling Ardington. After the climb up from Lockinge to the cross-roads on the A417, everyone enjoyed the long descent past Lains Barn. Jules left us when we reached the A338 by Williams, but the rest of us continued in two groups northwards to the Hanneys.

We stopped again to admire the Archimedes screw at Dandridges Mill before continuing on to West Hanney, where we looped past the church and Plough PH. The road from West Hanney to North Denchworth has been resurfaced (hurray!) and we enjoyed the new smooth, pothole-free tarmac.

Everyone stopped for a drink and then made their own ways home in 2s and 3s when they were ready to go.

Another enjoyable 1* evening - thanks everyone for your company. A warm welcome to Tim on his first ride with the club.
21.73 km (13.50 mi)
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