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Sat Apr 23rd 2011
Saturday afternoon ride from Grove 2*
Steve Swanton
Start Time:
1:00 pm
Start Location:
A 33-mile afternoon ride at a riding pace of ~18km/h (11-13mph), with a tea stop, a few ups and downs (but no really major climbs), great views and some easy off-road.

We'll be heading West for tea at the Coleshill village store. Heading out via Charney Bassett and Hatford, we'll climb over the Hideaway to Littleworth and descend into the Thames Valley before climbing back up to Faringdon and on to Coleshill along the rolling B4019.

Directly after tea we'll follow a scenic track across Coleshill Park that will bring us out near Watchfield beneath the wind turbines. About 1 mile is easy off-road with a short stonier uphill stretch before rejoining tarmac for the last 1/2 mile up to the main road... From Watchfield, its a flattish run back through the Vale via Uffington, Baulking and Goosey.
Adrian West
Amanda Seddon
Andrew Johnson
Bill Flockton
Chris Walters
David Bridge
David Wynn (deceased)
Geoff Neill
Iain Kent
John Tranter
Jon Seddon
Liz Buckle
Maurice Bawden
Stephen Quartermain
Steve Swanton
Riders = 15
Was it April or June? With temperatures in the mid 20s, a near cloudless sky and barely a breath of wind until late in the day, it was a perfect afternoon to be out on the bike. And the conditions were reflected in the excellent turnout of 15, despite several folk being away over Easter. Good to see Geoff out again and a warm welcome to Andy Johnson.

We followed the route as planned. The narrow lane from Hatford up to the Hideaway was new to most of the group, with one very notable exception - turned out that Andy had grown up there! The downside of this shortcut is a 400m stretch along the A420 before turning right into Littleworth. But once negotiated the reward is a superb long descent into the Thames Valley. We often come this way on a Sunday ride and turn ride at the junction with the A4095 to Radcot bridge en route to the Cotswolds. However, today (somewhat gratuitously on the leader's part) we turned left back up the hill into Faringdon. Jon and Chris rode off the front to attack the climb, shortly to be followed by Steve Q, who was supposed to be our sweeper...

The group became split in the Faringdon traffic and we regrouped near the top of the longish drag up to Badbury hill. Everyone sped down the other side and we were soon in Coleshill.

The village store, set amid old farm buildings of the Coleshill Estate, has a certain bucolic charm, and served large slices of cake. the first time I have been there and I'm sure we'll go again.

Everyone took the track through Coleshill Park and enjoyed the views - despite the temperature it was pretty clear today. Once back on the road, we enjoyed the gentle run down to Longcot and on to Uffington. Here Chris and Adrian continued on to Fawler and Blowingstone hills (hope you made it!) while the rest of us turned left to Baulking...

The group became split again after passing Baulking pit and when stopping to wait discovered that Steve, supposedly our sweeper was in the front group. At this point he was summarily fired! Fortunately the second group of 4 were together and no-one was being left behind.

We were back in Grove just after 5. It was an enjoyable ride to lead - thanks everyone for coming.
53.11 km (33.00 mi)
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Written by : Chris Walters

Posted on : April 23, 2011 at 9:35 PM

Steve, we did make it back up Blowingstone with a bit of zig-zagging! Thanks for leading a very enjoyable ride.


Written by : Adrian West

Posted on : April 24, 2011 at 1:59 PM

A fantastic ride Steve and I thoroughly recomend a zig zag up blowing stone hill :)

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