Michael Johnson

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Season 2023-2024 (2 Rides)
Date Title Category Distance
17 Sep 2023 2* Sunday Shortie 2* 48.00 km (29.83 mi)
09 Sep 2023 Ride and Stride for Historic Churches 2023Ride has photos 2* 57.94 km (36.00 mi)
Season 2006-2007 (1 Ride)
Date Title Category Distance
19 Nov 2006 Regular Wantage Ride  
Season 2005-2006 (3 Rides)
Date Title Category Distance
16 Jul 2006 Regular Wantage Ride  
18 Jun 2006 Bike Week Regular Sunday Ride  
21 May 2006 Regular Wantage Ride  


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The box-and-whisker plot shows the maximum and minimum distances (extremities of whiskers), the upper and lower quartile distances (bounds of the box) and the median distance (line across the box)

Nb. Ride categories were introduced in 2009 and distances have been recorded since 2010