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Sat Feb 1st 2020
3* Saturday Half Day Ride 3*
Jo Little
Start Time:
9:30 am
Start Location:
Half day ride (60-70km / 38-45 miles), with a tea stop, riding pace of 20-24km/h (13-15mph). Likely to visit distant destinations. Not suitable for irregular riders. Climbing likely.

We'll head out through Denchworth, cross over the bridge at Southmoor and then through Bablock Hythe and Stanton Harcourt before looping up the edge of Witney and then returning to Aston for a cafe stop. (Change to original planned stop as Cogges isn't open until March). We'll then return home by the usual route through Buckland and Charney before returning to Grove.

15 of us met up on a sunny and quite warm, but very windy day. The scenery was lovely and at times it felt like spring had come early. It turned out to be a ride full of incidents.
We split into two groups and set off but group 1 had a puncture before we'd even got to Southmoor. We waved to group 2 as they cycled past. Ten miles further on group 2 stopped for a puncture and said hello as we overtook them. Unluckily they had another puncture soon after the first one, which led to them splitting into two groups with the puncture group planning on cutting off part of the ride. Amazingly we all met up at Aston Pottery for a welcome break. By then we were running rather late, so afternoon commitments meant we split into different groups on our way home. It seemed to be an enjoyable ride for everyone, despite the mishaps, and great company.
Thank you very much to Robin for stepping in to lead the second group; to Andy and Eddie for sweeping; to Kath for her help and advice and to Roger for testing out Great Brook to see if it was cyclable. Good news - it is! Also Happy Birthday to Jenny.
61.80 km (38.40 mi)
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
1* - Suitable for irregular, social, beginner or family riders, pace will match the slower riders. Not hilly or long. Expect rides up to 3 hours. Gentle exercise.
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