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Sun Jan 20th 2002
Regular Wantage Ride
Steve Bruffell
Start Time:
10:00 am
Start Location:
David Newnham
Eve Thornton
Glen Savegar
Jan McCabe
Kevin Fairs
Laurent Chambard
Richard Divall
Steve Bruffell
Steve Swanton
Riders = 9
A wild and windy ride to Malbrough and back. Nine set off from Wantage into gusty wind. By the time we had reached the Childrey dip, Eve had decided that it was too windy, and decided to head home. She had galantly struggled over from Abingdon, into the head wind so it was not surprising!

Before we reached Lambourn Richard had also decided that it was too windy, I was beginning to think that maybe I was wrong and that it was too windy. The ride down into Lambourn into the wind was very hard, I hate changing down gear to go down hill!!!!!

The route assumed that once we were over the downs we would be protecetd from the wind by the trees after Membury, and once in the Kennet Valley we would be free from the effects. It worked we had a great ride after that.

Lunch was at the Bear at Malborough, Richard I will one day get the chance to buy you a pint there I am sure!! Huge plates of food and great beer.

The reurn trip was along the cycle path out from Marlborough, with the wind behind, but it was very muddy in places which made life interesting.

Again the trip across the bottom was out of the wind, but we had two punctures. Laurent, who we left to his own devices, and dropped of back to Standford, Jan had the second.

We endeded up back at our house for dry clothes, biscuits and tea.

Steve B
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