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Sat Jul 13th 2019
2* Saturday Half Day Ride 2*
Eddie Little
Start Time:
9:30 am
Start Location:
Half day ride (45-55km / 30-40 miles), with a tea stop, at a riding pace of 18-20km/h (11-13mph). Not likely to be very hilly. Might be a struggle for new or irregular riders in winter months.

We'll head out through Standford in the Vale, then we'll pass through Littleworth, Thrupp, over The River Thames at Radcot, then passing through the villages of Clanfield, Bampton & Aston. Aston Pottery will be where we will be stopping for our elevenses. I have reserved outside seating for us! The second leg of the ride will head out through Old Shifford & Great Brook. Then we will pass back over The River Thames at Buckland Marsh. We then have our only climb of the day Buckland Hill. Then we'll pass on through the villages of Buckland, Charney Bassett arriving back in Grove for around 13:30hrs.

Ride Distance. 57.3km/35.6mi.
A very nice group of 12 riders met at OMH for this half day ride, yet again we had perfect riding conditions! We split the group on the busy roads,A417/A420 for safety purposes.
The first half of the ride was very enjoyable & incident free.

We arrived at Aston Pottery for around 11:20am, nice & quite with a few other cyclists also enjoying elevenses. As usual excellent service, drinks & cakes.!!

The second half of the ride brought some lovely quiet lanes to cycle along, Old Shifford & Great Brook. Buckland Hill was our only hill of the day which everyone managed extremely well. (clap) As we arrived at the top of Buckland Hill the sound of a muntjac barking could be heard very close by, very similar to a Fox, which I thought it was, but Barry corrected me on that!

Thank you to David for sweeping & to Roger, Steve & Nick for helping with secondary leading on certain points of the ride. A very well disciplined group & great company.;)
57.03 km (35.44 mi)
Proposed Route:"
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
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