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Tue Jun 2nd 2009
Tuesday Evening Rides
Edith Hipwell
Start Time:
6:30 pm
Start Location:
We will aim to have two rides leaders for 2* and 3* options.

Given good weather, all riders are invited to stop for a drink at the Fox PH in Denchworth on the way back to Grove.
Andrew Robertson
Angela Sanders
Baz Munday
Brian Hipwell
Chris Walters
Colin Appleton
David Ryan
Dean Douglas
Des Higgs
Diane Stuckey
Edith Hipwell
Frank Schroer
Geoff Neill
Henk Altmann (deceased)
Janet Charleston
Jo Bindloss-Gibb
John Tranter
Kevin Fairs
Maurice Bawden
Michael Tayler
Mike Bailey
Paul Sanders
Peter Busby
Philip Thornton-Evison
Sorrel Williams
Val Smith
Riders = 26
A grand total 33^ cyclists left Grove this evening for one of the three rides in and around the Vale with a promise of a beer at the Fox in Denchworth on the return journey. The 2* ride did its longest ride so far this year a total of 18 miles to Southmoor over 1hr 30 mins. The riders in this group seem to be getting fitter and faster quicker this year.

^ A new club record for a Tuesday evening.

The 3* ride went through Wantage to the Letcombes and then up the hill towards LAmbourn (and yes, some of the group decided it was too easy, so did that hill twice, must be something to do with the heat!). We then rode on to Lambourn and turned right up to Seven Barrows to take the very gentle climb to the top of Blowingstone Hill. We all whizzed down to the bottom (a record 51mph for someone....) and then through Kingston Lisle, Baulking, Goosey and Denchworth for some much needed refreshment.
Well done to all - it was quite warm, but very pleasant indeed.

Note: I must apologise to Richard and Millie, I reported that they turned back on the very wet ride...they were in fact, not as 'sensible' as I quoted them and carried on in the pouring rain, but at their own pace. They finished just before dark - Chapeau!!!
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
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