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Sat Jun 26th 2010
Saturday afternoon ride from Grove - 2* 2*
Glen Savegar
Start Time:
1:00 pm
Start Location:
45-55km (30 - 40 miles) afternoon ride, with a tea stop, at a riding pace of ~18km/h (11-13mph). Not likely to be very hilly.

This month we will head out on a flattish route, taking in Lyford, Fyfield Wick, Netherton, Appleton, Eaton, Cumnor, and Wootton. We then have the option of a short but steep climb to Boars Hill for lovely views across to the "dreaming spiers" of Oxford. Alternatively we can continue on the level to Cothill and Frilford Heath, returning to Old Mill Hall via Garford and West Hanney.We can choose which option to take on the day. Tea stop on route.
Approx 52kms/32 miles
Brian Hipwell
Des Higgs
Geoff Neill
Glen Savegar
James Wigmore
Jan McCabe
John Talbot
Liz Buckle
Maurice Bawden
Neil Mowforth
Stephen Quartermain
Riders = 11
A glorious summers afternoon cycling. Actually I was a bit concerned it might prove to be a bit too hot at first, but once underway the gentle pace ensured a comfortable temperature. In retrospect it was a slightly mixed bag of a route really, with some lovely quiet stretches and a couple of less inspiring but unavoidable bits.The ascent of Boars hill was well worth the huffing and puffing, and a good chance to pause at the summit to enjoy a well earned drink of water.The views across to Oxford were beautifully clear from the top road, followed by a cool swooping descent of Foxcombe Hill to rejoin the Wootton road.

One slightly worrying moment on route to Cumnor was the sight of an upside down car in the ditch on the opposite side. On investigation it appeared the incident had happened a while back judging by the yellow "police aware"stickers. As a response to the impatient driver who decided to blast his horn(I doubt he/she will ever get to read this... but!..)You really do need to grow up and show a little respect! There may well have been casualties in that vehicle !....

The "Merry Miller" at Dry Sandford provided a pleasant cold drinks/coffee stop, before a very enjoyable final few miles cycling back to OMH in the lovely sunshine. Not one of my best rides I'm afraid, but some nice moments along the way !...

Thanks everyone for your company ! : )

Glen S
50.42 km (31.33 mi)
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