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Tue Aug 9th 2016
10 Mile Club 1* 1*
Steve Swanton
Start Time:
6:30 pm
Start Location:

This evening we'll be heading to the Letcombes, Childrey and Goosey. It will give us a chance to practise using our low gears on Holborn Hill, the steepest hill that we tackle at 1* on a Tuesday evening. It's a relatively short hill with great views from the top, well worth the effort.
We'll head out to the Letcombes via Stockham and stop on the way to admire the cress beds in Letcombe Bassett before tackling Holborn hill. We'll then enjoy the descent into Childrey and return to Grove via Challow station (with a short stretch along the A417), Goosey and Denchworth. A round trip of about 11 miles
David Jackson
Gareth Smith
Lorna Swanton
Naomi Merritt
Sarah Dore
Stephanie Haddrell
Steve Swanton
Tim Parr
Val Smith
Riders = 9

sunny intervals
An evening that started overcast, breezier and chillier than of late, with a touch of damp in the air, turned into a glorious evening as the sun made a very welcome appearance half-way round.

9 riders set off towards Wantage on our winding route to the Letcombes. To avoid traffic we used the A338 cyclepath and then the cut-through to Adkin Way to reach the Denchworth road in Stockham. From Ham Road, Locks Lane provided a quiet route through to Priory Road and on to the Leisure Centre. We then joined the delightful track and path through to Letcombe Regis.

After a brief pause to regroup, we enjoyed the newly surfaced road out to Letcombe Bassett before taking a rest to admire the old cress beds on the Letcombe Brook.

This set us up for the hills, which everyone climbed with aplomb! Well done. A real confidence booster for those climbing Holborn Hill for the first time.

After that it was pretty much downhill and flat all the way home, with the wind behind us and the evening sun shining. It was just lovely to be out. We were back in Grove just before 8:30 with the sun setting having completed nearly 15 miles (woops on the distance estimate).

Thanks everyone for your company on another enjoyable evening ride. Welcome too to David Jackson on his first ride with us.
23.82 km (14.80 mi)
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
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