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Sat Oct 15th 2016
Easy Saturday Afternoon Ride from Grove 1*
Steve Swanton
Start Time:
2:00 pm
Start Location:

Monthly 16-32km (10-20 miles) family and social afternoon rides, usually with a tea stop, at a riding pace of 13-16km/h (8-10mph). Occasional short or gentle climbs.

As this is the last Easy afternoon ride before the clocks go back, it is the last chance for a ride to a tea stop away from the area around Wantage.

Change of Plan, as the Forget-me-not café isn't opening this Saturday. Instead, we'll head north via Lyford to Longworth and Hinton Waldrist and take refreshments in the Lamb & Flag at Southmoor (which I'm assured is now open again on Saturday afternoons). We'll return to Denchworth and Grove via Charney Bassett, a round trip of about 17.5 miles.

This is a slightly shorter version of my planned route for the picnic ride in August, which was cancelled due to the weather. There will be an option for anyone that would like to drop down into the Thames valley to visit the ford at Duxford, the lowest ford on the Thames. Worth a detour if you have never been.
Barry Stanton
Bethany Tranter
Brian Hipwell
Carin Tranter
Christine Ashdown
John Tranter
Karl Blake
Lorna Swanton
Naomi Merritt
Nicky Clark
Roger Postbeschild
Steve Boreham
Steve Swanton
Tim Parr
Tony Ashdown
Tony Clark
Riders = 16

sunny intervalswhite cloudcloudy with light rain
Welcome Autumn sunshine brought 16 cyclists out for our monthly 1* ride. We had a nice mix, with some more experienced riders as well as several 2016 Tuesday evening newcomers joining a Saturday ride for the first time.

Due to the size of the group, we split into 2 with John kindly agreeing to lead the second a few hundred yards behind. We made steady progress up to Southmoor, Enjoying the new road surface up from Lyford, before the short stretch of bumpy track out to the bridleway bridge over the A420. We turned into Longworth, cycled through the village and on to the church and manor house, where we stopped to enjoy the beautiful setting and a picture or two. This and the good bridleway through to Hinton Waldrist were new to most of the group .

At Hinton Waldrist, the group split into 2 with 8 riders deciding to take the option of visiting the ford, while the rest of us continued on to the Lanb & Flag. However, it was a major disappointment to find the pub closed, despite having spoken to them on Friday! So 6 riders were sent on to the Chequers at Charney, while Steve B and I waited for the others. They duly arrived within a few minutes, having clearly enjoyed the opportunity to stretch their legs a bit, and we all sped on to Charney, but now with clouds now rolling in.

After a relaxing drinks stop, the sun had gone it was distinctly cooler on the way back to Grove; we could see the rain coming. We were briefly caught by the edge of a shower as we approached the railway bridge, but it was dry again by the time we reached Grove.

Thanks everyone for an enjoyable afternoon, to Steve B for sweeping and John for sub-group leading.
28.16 km (17.50 mi)
Proposed Route:"
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Written by : John Tranter

Posted on : October 17, 2016 at 3:26 PM

Thanks, Steve. This was a most enjoyable ride for all of the Tranter contingent - particularly the delightful section around Longworth and Hinton Waldrist and down to the ford.

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