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Past Ride

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Sun Jan 19th 2020
Regular Wantage Ride 3*

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Robin Tucker
Start Time:
9:30 am
Start Location:

Saturday evening: Ride plotted, but including the NCN was too long so that's abandoned. But we've got a nice 42 mile route, not mega-hilly, with coffee/brunch fairly late (30 miles in) so maybe bring a snack or some energy in your drink. (Once again I curse the lack of a bridge/ferry at Bablock Hythe!) Weather will be cold, calm and sunny.

Saturday morning: A plan is forming - the last few rides I've been on have gone South and I haven't been to Aston Pottery for ages, so let's go there; and Sustrans have just been resurfacing NCN5 near Kennington with a very smooth surface. So the rough route is:
Grove, Hanney, Steventon, Abingdon, Radley, NCN5 by Kennington to the edge of Oxford, then head West via Wooton, Appleton etc to the A415 where we cross the river and head for Stanton Harcourt. On to Aston for coffee/brunch. Then back via the familiar route of Buckland and Stanford-in-the-Vale. The middle bit will very to get the distance about 40 miles.

Friday evening: I'm late taking this on as ride leader, so don't have a plan yet, but will probably go for less than a full day and aim to do 40 miles and get us back to Grove by 2pm or so. Watch this space for details.

Normally All-day touring ride (80-100km / 50-65 miles), lunch and possibly tea stop en route, at a riding pace of 18-22km/h (11-14mph). Not suitable for irregular riders. Climbing almost inevitable.
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Lee Ann Norris

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Robin Tucker
Riders = 2
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A short but eventful ride! Lee Ann Norris was the only other rider to be out. We set off towards Denchworth and saw a lone cyclist down in the road. The wet road, ungritted and now frozen was totally treacherous. He was alert and not bleeding, but unable to move his right leg.

A few cars arrived and people offered help and a My Little Pony blanket. We called the ambulance and got both air and land versions, arriving within a couple of minutes of each other. I also called the Police on 101 about the state of the road and they said they would inform ‘Highways’.

We decided to continue with a shorter ride. We walked along the icy stretch and gradually talked our ambitions downwards to turning left at Denchworth, heading for the A417 and via Challow into Wantage and then left to Grove. Just before Denchworth we met a racing cyclist out for a spin from Oxford and guided him away from an icy doom.

The rest of the ride passed uneventfully. Unfortunately, neither Cornerstone, not the Bakery in Grove were open for a coffee so we headed for home after a princely 9.3 miles – but at least we were both still upright!
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15.00 km (9.32 mi)
Proposed Route:"
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
1* - Suitable for irregular, social, beginner or family riders, pace will match the slower riders. Not hilly or long. Expect rides up to 3 hours. Gentle exercise.
2* - Suitable for regular riders who prefer to cover some distance but at a more relaxed pace. Likely to be half-day rides. Solid exercise.
3* - Suitable for experienced riders, may be hilly, long, quick, or any combination! Likely to be half or full-day rides. Challenging exercise.
4* - Suitable for athletic riders who can ride safely above the 3* standard. Quick rides for the fit.
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