Chairman’s Newsletter 2 – July 2020

Posted on September 2nd, 2020

Dear all

This is a quick note to make one very important announcement – club rides are back!

August sees the return of a limited series of rides for members to enjoy socially distanced group riding. There will be a selection of Tuesday evening 2, 3 and off road rides plus a led ride and meet up ride on Thursday. Weekend rides for 2* and 3* also return with one ride on Saturday and another on Sunday – 2* and 3* rides will go out on alternate days. Details of all rides and how to book your place can be found under Rides and Events on the website, which is now up to date through to September. We have drawn up a protocol to limit the risks associated with group riding. The main points are listed below:
All rides need to be pre-booked on a weekly basis. Details of when bookings open for each ride are given in the individual ride descriptions. A reserve list will be maintained. Please don’t turn up for a ride in the hope of being accepted.
Rides are strictly limited to six riders including the ride leader.
Riders must maintain social distancing during rides and at stops. Leave a ‘wheel’s gap’ between riders and/or cycle two abreast when road conditions allow.
Riders must be self reliant in terms of mechanicals (punctures, brakes, gears etc.) and water and snacks in the case of longer rides.
If you are feeling unwell or displaying any covid linked symptoms do not ride and put others at risk.
A lot of thanks are due to Jon Townsin as Rides Secretary for putting this together. Thanks also to the ride leaders who have committed to leading these rides. It is all going to be a bit experimental but we feel that the time is right to try out some safe rides. We are also conscious that the summer is rushing past, so this restart enables us to get in a good few weeks of Tuesday evening rides in before the nights draw in.

One other thing to note is that we are including a 3* ride on Tuesday evenings starting from Wantage Market Place rather than Millbrook. This will enable us to minimise any congestion at Millbrook and nicely gives a different option.

We are all excited about this, but of course I have to emphasise that we are trying to strike a careful balance between getting out in the glorious local countryside again and staying safe. We do ask you all to be cautious, patient and courteous as we navigate our way through this.

Hopefully see you on a ride soon!

Best regards

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