Chairman’s Newsletter – October 2020

Posted on October 30th, 2020

Hello everyone

Well – yet another wet and wild weekend gives me the chance to do some club admin rather than ride my bike (although I know which I’d rather do!)

Regular members will be aware that our club year has historically run from October one year to September the next, and indeed the Stats page on our website reflects this. As part of this annual cycle we would normally hold our AGM around now, to vote for the Committee, look back on the year just completed and start to think ahead for the coming year. You may therefore be wondering why this hasn’t happened yet. The reason is that Cycling UK nationally is in the process of changing its financial and reporting year from the October/September cycle to a more normal charity/business financial year running from April to March. The HQ team has therefore asked local member clubs like ours to shift our reporting to accommodate this, including the timing of AGM’s. This means that we are now in the middle of an unusually long one-off period, running from October 2019 to March 2021. After that we will work with a new club year running from April to March. We have had some good discussions in the Committee about this and we don’t think it makes too much difference to us – if anything, an AGM in March/April could be quite helpful as a way of kick starting the Spring season. So, this is a long-winded way of saying that we won’t hold an AGM this autumn, but hold off until March/April 2021. However, the Committee did feel that it would be good to give members the chance to get together, reflect on the very, very strange year just gone, and hear brief reports as would normally be presented at an AGM. Therefore we will hold a virtual club social meeting on Zoom:

7.30pm, Monday 2nd November 2020

We will provide an agenda and details of how to join in the next few days. It might be nice for folk to bring food and drink to their screens and we can make this as sociable as possible under the circumstances!

Please let me know of you have any questions or points you would like to raise on the evening. Otherwise, I hope to see as many of you as possible there.

PS: for those of you who are members of Cycling UK, there is still time to vote for Robin Tucker in the elections for national Trustees. See the voting forms that came with your latest Cycle magazine for the details.

Best regards

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