Chairman’s Newsletter – December 2020

Posted on February 3rd, 2021

Hello everyone.

The main point of this note is to give an update on the White Horse Cycle Challenge, running from 28 November to 13 December. Basically, the response from local cycling clubs and local people generally has been AMAZING! Thanks so much to all those who have braved a continuing rich variety of weather conditions to go out and conquer the climb. Thanks also for the rich variety of photos from the summit! Stories and photos are flooding in to our Facebook page:

Here are the latest vital statistics:

• at least 120 riders have conquered the Hill since 28th November.
• 81 supporters have given super generously to the JustGiving page for the wonderful Whizz-Kidz charity: 
• this has resulted in giving so far of a staggering £1,491! This has totally smashed what we thought was our stretch target of £500. Please don't stop giving though!
• the route sheet we put together from Wantage and Grove has already been downloaded from our website over 90 times. Route 8 here: 
• with club rides running again, various clubs (including ours) have been able to get group rides up the Hill. 

Once again, a massive THANK YOU to all who have already supported the Challenge and to all those who are still to pit themselves against the great Hill. The opportunity remains open until next Sunday, 13th December.

As if that wasn’t enough good news, we have been back under slightly less tough Tier 2 rules for a week now and so club rides have been able to resume with maximum groups of six. It has been really nice to reconnect with friends and also meet new people. Our rides programme is now live up to March 2021 – see the website for all details:

See you on a ride soon!

Best regards

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