Chairman’s Newsletter – February 2022

Posted on February 20th, 2022

Hello everyone

On a wild and miserable weekend as the storms sweep through, it seems a good time to catch up on club admin. I’m sure, like me, you are longing for better weather and glorious cycling so the purpose of this note is to offer encouragement that it won’t be long! The Committee met a couple of weeks ago and the unanimous view was that our main aim for 2022 is to simply get back to normal and run a full calendar of the usual wonderful rides.

Firstly, a couple of dates for the diary:

Ride Leaders’ meeting – Monday 7th March, Challow Cricket Club
This is an opportunity for all our ride leaders to get together and start to plan out the coming spring and summer season. It is always great to see the programme laid out and it’s also a really good chance to get leaders assigned to lots of the rides so we can get a bit ahead of the game.

Hopefully all leaders will have already seen the invitation from Steph and we look forward to gathering at the Challow Cricket Club from 7pm. I have a couple of outstanding expressions of interest in becoming a leader and I will be following these up shortly. if anyone else is interested, please do get in touch.

AGM – Monday 25th April 2022, Challow Cricket Club
Now we are fully in the swing of the club year running from 1st April to 31st March, we will be holding our AGM on the evening of 25th April to look back at a complicated but slightly less bonkers year than the one before. The venue will again be the Challow Cricket Club and we will plan the usual food provision. More details to follow, but a placeholder for the diary for now.

Finally, just a taster of the sorts of treats we have in store this year: already in the calendar you might be able to find a Mayday sunrise ride, a New Forest touring weekend and the revitalised Blowingstone-White Horse Audax. Also on the cards are a return to the Isle of Wight and even a long hoped for French touring weekend. Plus of course the full Tuesday evening, Thursday morning and weekend programmes.

As the rain lashes down, let’s look forward to endless sunshine and smooth roads ahead!

See you on a ride soon.

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