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Posted on May 13th, 2010

We’ve received this note from Adrian Lawson, who is the liaison contact for member groups at CTC HQ. If you’d like to tell HQ how they can support local groups better, please fill in the questionnaire at the link below – don’t hold back!

Dear Member Group Official

Welcome to the 2010 CTC Member Group survey. This is the first of what will become an annual survey of all our Member Groups which we intend will help the staff at National Office both improve the current services to Member Groups and to help us develop new services.

In order to reduce postage and help speed up analysis of the survey results we are using an internet tool to distribute the survey. However we are very conscious that not everyone has access to computers on the internet and so we will also be issuing paper copies of the survey for those people for whom we have no email address.

In the first instance we are only sending the survey link to the registered officers and volunteers within your group. However we would like as many responses as possible so please feel free to forward this email to everyone who rides regularly with your group, if you wish. In addition we will be sending paper copies of the survey to each member group secretary for further distribution as required.

We welcome responses from both individuals and from entire groups. At the start of the survey you will be asked which of these you are responding as. We also ask you to tell us which role you perform for your Member Group. We have provided a list of the mandatory and most common roles however we are aware that many groups have a range of additional roles. In these cases, please provide your role title in the ‘Other’ field.

Finally, please note that although we do ask for your name as part of the survey, this answer can be ignored if you wish to provide an anonymous response.

The survey can be found by clicking on the following link: http://www.ctc.org.uk/2010CTCMemberGroupSurvey .

The survey should only take a few minutes to complete. Many thanks for your time in responding.

If you have any questions please contact the Local Groups Support Officer Adrian Lawson adrian.lawson@ctc.org.uk

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