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Sat Aug 20th 2011
Dr Bike session in Wantage
Steve Swanton
Start Time:
10:00 am
Start Location:
Kings Walk, Wantage (outside Sainsbury's)
We'll be offering free bicycle safety checks outside Sainsbury's. Joint event with Sustainable Wantage.
Des Higgs
Geoff Neill
Lorna Swanton
Neil Warner
Nigel Stuckey
Robin Tucker
Sara Smith
Steve Swanton
Riders = 8
It was a fine sunny morning when we arrived at 9:45 to find Allan from Sustainable Wantage erecting their large gazebo on the corner of Sainsbury's forecourt opposite Smiths - something we were to appreciate fully later....

Once we'd got ourselves organised, we had a bit of a wait for our first few bikes. But as the town became busier, we started to have a steady stream and by 11:00 had built-up a back-log. We had two inspection teams, Neil and Nigel on one stand and Des and Geoff on the other, using a standard checklist as a basis for a comprehensive safety check. Lorna, Mim (from SW) and I talked with those taking an interest and gently persuaded previously unsuspecting shoppers with bikes to leave their steeds with us for a free check.

A number brought their bikes along specially having heard about the event, including 10-year old Harry, the Quinn family, Mim’s family and Adrian with his new Dawes road bike. Neil fulfilled my promise to Daniel from Tuesday by shortening his chain and sorting out his gears.

By noon the sky was starting to darken and Robin arrived just as the first drops of rain fell. We just managed to get the stands and our display table under cover before a short downpour.

Sara joined shortly after to team up with Robin, relieving Geoff and Nigel. They managed to persuade four young lads to have their stunt bikes tested and Neil had a long conversation with another lad about the best bike lubricants and how to fix disk brakes.

Having relented for a while, the rain came back more heavily after 1pm and we only had one bike to check during the last hour (a number who’d said they would come back with their bikes later were evidently put off by the weather). Nevertheless, we inspected 21 bikes, talked to a few dozen folk and gave away most of our CTC ride lists. We all felt that it had been a worthwhile event both for us and Sustainable Wantage. Thanks everyone for your help and enthusiasm.

Steve S
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