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Sat Jun 23rd 2018
2* Saturday Half Day Ride 2*
Jan McCabe
Start Time:
1:00 pm
Start Location:
Lambourn for coffee and cake, and back again.
At approx 27 miles, this is one of the shorter Saturday rides, but does contain a few hill which we will take at a nice gentle pace.
If desired it will be possible to add a few extra miles onto the return, we will see how we all feel after our tea stop
11 of us enjoyed the sunshine for a ride to Lambourn

Until meeting for the start I was unaware of the road being closed in the Letcombes.... decided that road closures seldom stopped bikes so would try it anyway. We came across the road closed signs and cycled around them, enjoyed the traffic free roads, and around the sign at the other end, we had got away with it :), Or so we thought! We then came across a digger, digging, completely blocking the road. They advised they would be done in about 25 minutes is we wanted to wait. We debated for a while, then sent Des forward to negotiate. I'm not sure what Des said, but the digger stopped and we all squeezed past, to continue on our climbs.
We climbed through the Letcombes, and again up to the Ridgeway, stopping every so often to regroup.
Shortly after starting the descent to Lambourn we took the left turning to take the Sheep Drove road. The signs are a little off putting as the say it's a strictly private road (the grass verge at the side of the road is a bridleway)... and the later signs all say in the small print that walkers, horseriders and cyclists are welcome.
The Sheepdrove route is my favourite route into Lambourn, its a long time since I last cycled that way, and a thoroughly enjoyed the gentle descent, lovely scenery and traffic free road
In Lambourn, the Honesty Cafe made us welcome, after cakes and drinks, we climbed again over the Ridgeway, this time the gentle ascent up through Seven Barrows, then down Blowingstone and Fawler hills, before the last few flat miles to return to Grove at about 4:30
43.45 km (27.00 mi)
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