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Tue May 2nd 2017
Tuesday 3* Evening Ride 3*
Katherine Boyce
Start Time:
6:30 pm
Start Location:
Weekly 1.5 - 2 hours at a riding pace of 20-24km/h (13-15mph). May be hilly.

This is a bridging ride at the lower level of the range to encourage riders who feel ready to move up to the next star level. This week we are going to have a very gentle introduction to Hackpen Hill. We'll make our way through the Letcombes, pausing at the top of Holborn Hill to admire the view and catch our breath before on to the piece de resistance: Hackpen. Everyone will go up at their own pace and have time at the top to enjoy the gorgeous views before swooping down to Sparsholt and a potter round the Vale before returning to Grove.
It was really good to see 2* riders out on a bridging ride, trying out a 3* and prepared to do hills as well! Great start to a lovely ride.

We managed to cross Wantage without too many problems. The temporary traffic lights on Ham Road were kind to us. A regroup on the Letcombe road and we were off to our first hill - Holborn. This was swiftly dispatched with no problems at all. Onwards to Hackpen and Eddie showed us how it should be done!

At the top we lingered to catch the fabulous views of the Vale, no one in a hurry to drop back down to the Vale. We did eventually, all missing the new potholes on the road to Sparsholt, a big contrast to the wonderfully smooth road down from Childrey to the A417. The small groups of riders regrouped on the Goosey road before we finished off with a small circuit of the Vale.

For much of our ride, it was clear that we had just missed a major downpour. Those of us without mudguards paid the price with muddy bikes! Rather that than a sodden group :)

With such a big group, David and Ursula kindly led a second wave of us when we were on the busy roads to ensure we caused minimal road chaos.

A lovely friendly ride, thank you all for contributing.
32.50 km (20.19 mi)
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Wantage Market Place
Old Mill Hall, Grove
1* - Suitable for irregular, social, beginner or family riders, pace will match the slower riders. Not hilly or long. Expect rides up to 3 hours. Gentle exercise.
2* - Suitable for regular riders who prefer to cover some distance but at a more relaxed pace. Likely to be half-day rides. Solid exercise.
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4* - Suitable for athletic riders who can ride safely above the 3* standard. Quick rides for the fit.
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