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Tue Apr 2nd 2019
Tuesday Evening 3* Ride 3*
Jane John
Start Time:
6:30 pm
Start Location:

Weekly 1.5 - 2 hours at a riding pace of 20-24km/h (13-15mph). A fairly flat spin for our first evening ride of the season.

Yvonne Bird Secondary Leader
First 3* evening ride of the season. An 18.5 mile flat spin out to Longworth and Fyfield via Charney and returning via Lyford. What could possibly go wrong?!
With 16 riders, an excellent turnout despite a dubious weather forecast we set off in 2 groups, the first led by me with Kath sweeping and the second led by Yvonne with Eddie sweeping. Our group ride was straightforward despite battling the elements; rain, hail and sleet. A temperature of -1 was recorded on 2 Garmins (so it must had been correct!)
Unfortunately Yvonne's group ride was not so straightforward. After delays with 2 punctures the ride was sensibly cut short as the group were getting cold and running out of light.
A reminder of Group Riding Etiquette: If you wish to leave the ride at any point you must inform the ride leader or sweeper that you wish to do so, not simply ride off. Ride leaders have a duty of care towards their group and therefore must be kept informed of who is in their group.
Despite this I hope everybody was glad they rode out, that warm glow of virtuousness (or chilblains) for having braved the elements...
Thank you to Yvonne for leading the second group and Kath and Eddie for sweeping.
0.00 km (0.00 mi)
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Written by : Katherine

Posted on : April 3, 2019 at 8:25 PM

Great start to the season (weather could have been a bit better mind) thanks Jane

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