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Thu Nov 28th 2019
Daytime 1* Thursday Ride 1*
Lizzie Long
Start Time:
10:00 am
Start Location:
Ride will start from my house in Westcot.
Social rides up to 24km (15 miles), usually with a cafe stop, at a riding pace of 13-16km/h (8-10mph). Please check website on the morning of the ride if the weather is poor as it may be cancelled or the start time changed.

A ride to Bloomfield's cafe in Shrivenham, with a wiggle round Woolstone and Shrivenham itself on the way there. There is a bridge to cross with lots of steps but never fear - they are deep and shallow and easy to go up and down. The only hill is at Fawler on the way back....


(Not sure if I've copied the RidewithGPS link properly.)
We managed to catch a few hours of dry weather (unusual for lately!) for this ride, with just a few spots on the way back. The leader (ahem...) managed to go slightly wrong out of Uffington, but put herself right pretty soon, and we then enjoyed a smooth ride to Shrivenham, wiggling round through Woolstone. No-one was able to give me the correct number of steps over the railway bridge just south of Shrivenham (36), so no-one got the mystery prize. Roger's sausage roll was a long time coming in the cafe (were they killing the pig out the back?) but it arrived quickly after prompting the staff. Patrick had missed the change of start venue but joined us in the cafe.

6 riders peeled off at or before Uffington leaving 5 of us to return to Westcot. Di had a tumble onto the verge on the way home, caused by Carin I was told, but they are still speaking and the fall apparently was very ladylike with no injuries sustained.

Thank you to Des for sweeping.

My first time leading.....will they want me to do it again?
35.41 km (22.00 mi)
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Written by : Paul Bentley

Posted on : November 29, 2019 at 6:13 AM

Good leader, enjoyable ride but missed me off the list!

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